Amber & Ben: A North Country Wedding

I’ve reached that point in life where it seems all of my friends are getting married and I love it! I met Amber my freshman year of high school, and we have been good friends ever since. When she and Ben got engaged, they asked that now all too familiar question, “But will you enjoy the wedding if you are also photographing it?” Up until now I fumbled through my response, because I have never been in the situation. I could “presume” but not answer difinitvely. Now that I have had the privilege of photographing my two good friends get married, I can happily say: Yes, I greatly enjoyed the wedding, more so than if I were only a guest. Here’s why.

I met Amber and several other good friends at the hotel for the preparation part of the day. We spent several hours together as they went through nails, makeup, sharing embarrassing stories, mom walking in on said stories… it was a blast. Documenting these moments comes so natural to me that I was able to be in the moment, as well as capture it. I remember hearing Amber’s sister, Desi, say, “You’ve got Lori over here looking like a monkey…” as Amber was getting into her dress. Everyone got a good laugh, and I got the picture. Win-win. If I were a guest at this wedding, I would have been in my hotel room or waiting for the ceremony to begin, missing all of the fun. So THANK YOU to Amber and Ben for inviting me to be with you on your wedding day! I hope you LOVE the memories I have captured for you as much as you enjoyed making them.

Wedding Details

Ceremony & Reception: Sellars Field, Burke, NY
Florist: Fountains Enchanted Florists
Catering: Back Draft BBQ & Burke Volunteer Fire Department
Baker: Ben’s Aunt
Hair Stylist: Serendipity Salon and Day Spa
Music: Spotlight Karaoke & DJ
Officiant: Craig Dumas
Stationer: Light and Ink, see their invitations
You can also view their wine country engagement photos

The centerpieces and other decorations were arranged with the wonderful love and assistance of friends and family.

Now on to the good stuff, enjoy this preview of the wedding, congratulations Ben & Amber!!

bride getting makeup donebride getting into gownbride and groom portraitsdad walking bride down the aislelighting the unity candleWide shot of Ceremony at Sellars FieldBride and Groom KissPaparazziGroom with GroomsmenBride with BridesmaidsBridal Party by the WaterfallBride and Groom by WaterfallToasts by maid of honor and best manReaction to ToastFirst Dance, Father/Daughter DanceCake CuttingReception Dancing

And one of my favorite photos from the night… the girls are doing a karaoke rendition of Justin Bieber.

Karaoke at ReceptionLeave a comment and let me know what you think. I’ll be posting more images on the Facebook page soon, so if you aren’t already make sure you’re connected!

4 Responses to “Amber & Ben: A North Country Wedding”

  1. marie doria says:

    pics are awesome are’nt they a beautiful couple.wonderful job lori.

  2. cassandra breese says:

    congratulations. i am glad you’re so happy with ben. you two make a gorgeous couple. i got married too, and i also am so happy! beautiful pictures and beautiful day, congratulations again.

  3. Linda Martin says:

    Very nice, Lori! I can’t wait to see more. I agree with Susan’s comments too. It was such a glorious and fun day, and your photos show that. The baker’s name(Ben’s aunt) is Mary Beth Turner, by the way

  4. Aunt Susan Taylor says:

    The photos are beautiful, Lori. Can’t wait to see more. You have clearly captured personalities and the spirit of the day. Best wishes, Aunt Susan

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